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Improving Health and Well-Being of Women and their Families in Nepal


donate now buttonThe mission of Friends of Nepal Pariwar Foundation is to improve the health and well-being of women and their families in rural Nepal by supporting a network of registered nonprofit community organizations in Nepal and strengthening their capacity to sustain and expand health services and support development, particularly improved drinking water and educational opportunities, in remote and underserved communities. Friends of Nepal Pariwar Foundation is a registered nonprofit, charitable, 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID Number: 26-1246116

COVID-19 Update, June 2021:

The Covid-19 situation in Nepal, as in India, worsened dramatically this spring. As of June 7, 2021, there have been 588,000 cases and nearly 8,000 reported deaths in Nepal. Only 2.4% of the country's 29 million people have been fully vaccinated. Not only are active cases and deaths from Covid way up, but economic hardship and food scarcity has increased, especially in rural areas. With unemployment up due to the pandemic, lockdowns, and limitations on travel, fewer Nepalis are outside their villages and the country earning money to send home, so remittances that many families depend on are way down and savings have dried up. The present surge of Covid in Nepal couldn’t come at a worse time. May-June is the end of the dry season when stored food supplies from the previous fall harvest have diminished. Farmers' food reserves will not be replenished until fall. 

Working with our NGO partners in a rural area of Sindhupalchok, northeast of Kathmandu, Friends of Nepal Pariwar supported the distribution of basic food supplies (rice, lentils, cooking oil, and salt) in late May to 135 families most in need in this remote area. This will help tide these families over until they can grow crops with the summer rains or find employment outside the village if vaccines become available and jobs return. Distribution was carried out through women’s savings and credit groups to reduce the demand on borrowing and depletion of group assets so that funds are available for planting crops and other post-pandemic needs of rural families. See a short video of one of the recipients here.

If we raise sufficient funds, we may be able to help other families in need of temporary assistance. If you would like to help by making a tax-deductible donation (100% of your donation goes to Nepal, as administrative costs are fully covered by the Board of FONPF), you can click here to donate through our PayPal account or send a check to Friends of Nepal Pariwar Foundation and mail to 5877 Melita Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95409. Thank you very much.

The clinics that we partner with in rural Nepal are continuing general health and reproductive health services, including prenatal checkups and deliveries, along with a focus on Coronavirus, educating villagers and students about protection, use of masks, physical distancing, washing of hands. Clinics are distributing soap and masks that are made in Nepal locally and can be washed between uses.

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Binda Aryal, Senior Nurse Midwife in Mulkharka Clinic, teaches a monthly health class in a local middle school. 


 Tipini Clinic nurse midwife with child   Ramechap school girls, scholarship recipients   Mulkharka nurse midwife with patient

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